Payment processing

This is an odd topic and doesn’t have much to do with game development, but it is bothering us over at Beamdog.  Once in a long while we get a customer who has their credit card declined.  We’d like to help them out, we’d like to give them a solution to the credit card problem (we currently send them to Paypal), but we can’t.  The information we get back from our payment provider is “card declined”.  After digging into the lack of a useful message, it appears that is the message our payment gateway gets as well.   So:

CREDIT CARD COMPANIES: You need to improve your shit!  “Declined” is about as useful to a vendor as telling us “selly no worky”.  I want/need to see some more data.  Is this a foreign card, has it expired, did they screw up the securecode or whatever other BS you guys put in place to try and make cards useless on the internet?  In the current era there is no reason why you can’t give us some extra information so we can work with our customers to solve the problem.

Somebody do a start-up that re-imagines the credit card process and have these guys buy you, because the current state of the credit card payment pipeline is pretty sad.