Political Entrepreneurism

I was playing a game.  This game: Empire Total War.

I’m Canadian, which means I’m aware of US history, but not passionately linked to it. I understand the American War of Independence, but I didn’t have a lot of emotions to go along with the story. Playing the game brought a new angle to me.  Playing the game made me identify with the founding fathers as fellow entrepreneurs. These were people weren’t concerned with how to cover their ass at the next shareholders meeting or how to get past the next corporate downsizing.  These fellows were here to found a country. There was no manual, no wikipedia for country-building.  They could have taken the monarchy as a model and riffed on the concept, but they chose a new direction, based on hope and good intent.  Pretty heady stuff.  I’m betting there were a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of moments of self-doubt.  I’m also certain there were mistakes and blunders throughout the process.  I think this is what we’ve lost as a society, the will of good people to stand up and try to make a change for a higher goal, not purely self-interest.  Self-Interest is a natural part of any equation and I don’t think it should be excluded.  I do however, believe there is room for more than just self-interest in your decision making.  I think purpose is an amazing thing.  When someone is filled with purpose they tend to go beyond self-interest and reach into greater things.  I encourage everyone to go out and try to think of some greater purpose that they can be part of and embrace that purpose throughout your life.

Pretty heady stuff to come out of a video game. 😉