I recently went back to Torchlight, after finishing the story a few months ago, and I still get excited when I fire the game up.  To me, this is the future of game development, a smaller team, a clear goal and a polished execution.  The Runic fellows did an excellent job building to triple “A” gameplay without going crazy on the feature sauce.  If you haven’t yet played it you need to get out there and grab this game.  Try the demo, that’s how they got me.

We need to get this game on Beamdog.  When the sequel comes out, I’ll be front and center downloading it the instant it goes live.  Hopefully earlier if we can persuade those Runic fellows that Torchlight belongs on Beamdog.  I’m a big fan of guys who can do it outside the system and they pulled it off in spades.

With the recent announcement of Torchlight II shows these are some pretty business savvy fellows.  Rather than hold off to do the MMO they realized a Torchlight II with a few more features (cough, multiplayer) would be a great interm release.  Well done fellows.