Toyota Acceleration

I own a 2010 Toyota Rav4. Ive had the gas pedal fix done to avoid the unintended acceleration problem. While the solution has cured the major issue, I think the cause for alarm was actually three seperate concerns, only one of which the fix dealt with. The other factors are a non-linear throttle mapping and an aggressive transmission controller. The throttle has about a 1/4 of slow response to it, but the next 1/4 is quite agressive. This is done in performance cars to make the vehicle feel more responsive as it requires less throttle input to get rapid acceleration (Porsche Sport mode in the Cayman S is one case).

The transmission quickly shifts to higher gears to maximize fuel economy, it is almost annoying how fast it goes up in gear.
If you put the three issues together, a slow returning (or non-returning) accelerator pedal, a non-linear acceleration ramp and a rapid upshifting transmission the result is potentially quite dangerous.
I like Toyota, Our last four family vehicles have been Toyotas. I firmly believe every vehicle has flaws, as every car I have ever driven had some issue or compromise which I noticed and modified my driving around. My reason for writing this is to advise other owners what the roots of the issue are and suggest driving style modification to avoid any potential problems.
So, my personal adjustment in driving style has been to push into the throttle slower, remain light on the pedal and put the transmission shifter in the 4th gear position, to stop the shift up to 5th. If you dive hard into the pedal, the Rav4 will respond quite quickly and the upshift will surge the vehicle forward. If you drop out of the throttle at this point the vehicle will still accelerate for a half second as the gear change will still accelerate the vehicle due to the rpm the engine is rotating at vs the new gear ratio (as all vehicles do if you drop throttle as the shift occurs).

So, stay calm and be aware of the behaviours of your vehicle.