The changing PC game space

I recently completed the main story arc of Torchlight ( and I have to say it has me really excited.  I’ve infected about a half dozen others with Torchlight so far and to me it is a beacon of a brave new future for PC gaming.  I see a new space forming between the 30+ million dollar “AAA” efforts of the big publishers and the self-funded indie space.  With digital distribution a proven reality and a number of skilled developers getting together, I see a new space forming.  These games have professional production values across the board, a more limited scope than expected from a typical “AAA” title and a much better price point.  The Runic fellows have mapped out the high end of this spectrum with Torchlight and I’m certain in the future we’re going to see a lot more of this class of title.  The big guys can’t compete in the space simply due to overhead, so I expect it to be dominated by a new crop of privately funded, independent developers (some ex-big studio, some new to games).  I’m excited to see more of the new Indies and I’m looking forward to working with the scene as part of my latest venture.