Tax credits and Alberta game development

I live in Edmonton.  I want there to be a game development industry here.  In fact I’m willing to work to try and make that happen (once my non-compete wears out ;-). )

Every time I hear about another tax credit or “gift” to some major studio to set up somewhere else it makes me cringe.  Here’s a bit on the Ontario scene: .  Simply put, there isn’t a level playing field and it seems the odds are stacked against building a larger game development community here.  Sure, we’ve got EA/Bioware, but without at least a few more players, the local environment is a one shop scene and not going to grow into a vibrant community.  Tax credits help to feed the local pool where they are given, while at the same time poisoning all the other pools.   We’re one of the other pools.

Here’s the last line of the article: “France-based Ubisoft’s investment in Toronto will create 800 jobs over the next ten years.  In response, the province of Ontario will contribute $263 million to bring the total investment to $800 million”

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$800 million!